Reza Khan



The inspiration behind world-fusion guitarist, Reza Khan’s 4th solo album release, WIND DANCE, came in an instance, upon a breeze and swirled meaning through movement into the recording artist’s mind. “This is a story of a Twilight Dream,” Reza recalls, which sparked a song title on the new album, he continues, “it happened in a breath of an instance or in a whole life, I don’t know.” This engaging collection is magical and mystical in a way that only Reza can harness through composition and playing. The guests on the project are as special as the music itself, including performances from Andy Snitzer, Philippe Saisse, Nelson Rangell, Mark Egan, Miles Gilderdale, and Marc Antoine. WIND DANCE will move your mind and body through a journey of sweet reflection and musical expression; prepare to be blown away! 

This album has been an experiment of acceptance of things working out as they are meant to, and a relinquishing of control in regards to creativity and its processes. It is also the first time for a full collaboration between Reza and his touring entourage. The magic of such a relaxed journey and inspired approach has allowed the songs to take a life of their own, with only guidance from the composer and musical contributors. The result is a powerful collection of genre-defying, world-infused music with great depth and movement featuring world-class musicianship with performances from Mark Egan (Pat Metheny Group), Nelson Rangell, Miles Gilderdale (Acoustic Alchemy), Philippe Saisse, Marc Antoine, and Andy Snitzer. May your own personal journey unfold as you listen.


- Liner Notes and review by Sandy Shore