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“I am so excited to be a part of this project…my third with him. This time, it’s a much more adventurous project, beyond the confine of smooth jazz radio and progressive. I am particularly excited about being reunited with my dear friend, the legendary Mark Egan, who contributed to my first ever solo project, Valerian, and my go-to bassist during my days as an arranger/producer in NYC. His playing alongside drummer Mauricio Zottarelli gives that awesome fusion feel and reminds me of my days in Boston with Gary Burton, Pat Metheny, Bill Frisell and others. Those new tracks and Reza’s compositions SCREAMED of Gumbi Ortiz to add the icing on the cake. I introduced him to Reza and the result is amazing! I think Reza reached a new level as a composer on this new one.” – Philippe Saisse, keyboardist


“Reza’s project is beautiful. He is one of the most melodic and musical composers in contemporary jazz today. His compositions have a perfect balance of melodic, harmonic and rhythmical themes that are fresh, sophisticated and always enjoyable to the listener – and player!  A much-welcomed breath of fresh air maintaining the jazz in contemporary jazz. I loved playing on this project because it’s a return to the roots of contemporary jazz where most of us over 50 were so enamored.Reminiscent of artists like early 70’s Pat Metheny, Bob James, etc.” –Jeff Kashiwa, saxophonist


“Reza Khan’s demanding work at the UN has helped his development as an artist of vision, courage and conviction in many ways. It’s allowed him to continue to see and play music all over the world, interact with people and musicians of different cultures who have inspired his own artistry. It also prevents him from touring regularly in support of his brilliant projects, which means he, unlike most artists who write and record contemporary jazz, doesn’t feel the pressure to score hit singles to bring out large audiences.With such a global and creative perspective, he can concentrate on following his muse towards creating fascinating – and yes, ultra-infectious and melodic and still quite often, radio friendly – music that draws from his home culture, the jazz of his adopted home (America) and so many percussive native cultures in between. His multi-faceted, rhythmically-eclectic music makes him a magnet for contemporary jazz stars, who love the challenge of adding their input to his tracks. With his latest and most ambitious album to date, he’s ready to join the ranks of all the greats he has played with for years, reaching new levels of acceptance and success.– Jonathan Widran