Musical Memoirs Blog: "International Jazz Love Songs to Heal the Heart"

EXCERPT: “Born in Bangladesh, Reza Khan was raised in a musical family. At a young age, he was trained on East Indian percussion instruments. Inspired by Peter Frampton’s album “Frampton Comes Alive,” the young man switched instruments to play the guitar. You hear the influences of Pat Metheny, the Rippington’s and Acoustic Alchemy in this smooth jazz album. However, Reza Khan has developed a style that’s all his own, blending American smooth jazz with his cultural heritage and also mixing in the influences from South Africa, where he spent time living and playing music.”

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Midwest Record: February 12, 2021 Review

EXCERPT: “REZA KHAN/Imaginary Road: A smooth jazz guitarist naming his album after Will Ackerman’s later in life record label? Are we looking for a hidden message? Right in the pocket of those highly enjoyable, west coast non-new age instrumental albums by guitarists and their A list pals. Whatever the mood or whatever the mode, Khan is another one of those ax men that’s a real delight and gives you your moneys worth because you can replay this often. Well done.”

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Contemporary Fusion Reviews: "Magically melodic guitar jazz Reza Khan – Imaginary Road"

EXCERPT: “Magically melodic guitar jazz Reza Khan – IMAGINARY ROAD: This wonderful album won’t be officially released until 26 March, 2021, so it will be just before then when samples are available… in the meantime, I can tell you (without qualification) that this magically melodic guitar jazz is among the very BEST albums I’ve listened to (yet) in 2021. . . .