JP's Music Blog: "Expand Your Musical Palette With New Music From Shijin, Sonic Twist and Reza Khan"

EXCERPT: “Finally we arrive at the new, upcoming release from guitarist Reza Khan titled “Imaginary Road.” He is joined by special guests Miles Gilderdale, Philippe Saisse, David Mann and Mark Egan, creating ten new tracks that features some of Khan’s best playing. He begins with the exciting opener “Waiting For The Sky,” which features an exceptional electric guitar solo from Miles Gilderdale of the band Acoustic Alchemy. Khan’s beautiful guitar work on “I See Stars” is a smooth, mellow touch of jazz that just floats on by, as you follow his every note.”

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The JW Vibe: "REZA KHAN, Imaginary Road"

EXCERPT: “A socially conscious force in global jazz fusion, Reza Khan has a long-established history of blazing fresh trails, pushing limits and finding unique ways to redefine what is possible in contemporary jazz. Working with some of the genre’s most revered sidemen, the Bangladesh born and raised, NYC based composer/guitarist has, since his 2009 debut Painted Diaries, taken a freewheeling approach to creating his dynamic, infectious yet unpredictable fusion of pop, jazz, soul and world music influences.”

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Jazz Square: "Reza Khan - Imaginary Road"

EXCERPT: “До того, как прийти к «Воображаемой дороге» (Imaginary Road) гитарист и композитор Реза Хан проделал немало путешествий реальных. Этот музыкант родился в Бангладеш в творческой семье. Его отец – музыкант, поэт и композитор. С юных лет Реза, в семейных традициях, начал изучать традиционные для индийской музыки перкуссионные инструменты. Возможно, он и стал бы исполнителем индийской музыки, но все перевернул попавшийся ему альбом Питера Фрэмптона Frampton Comes Alive. С того времени для него не стало других инструментов, кроме электрогитары. Образцом для себя он определил Пата Мэтини. В столице страны Дакке Реза Хан основал свой первый ансамбль Yours Sincerely и выпустил очень успешный (на местном уровне) альбом.”

TRANSLATION: “Before coming to Imaginary Road, guitarist and composer Reza Khan made a lot of real travels. This musician was born in Bangladesh into a creative family. His father is a musician, poet and composer. From a young age, Reza, in family tradition, began to study percussion instruments traditional for Indian music. Perhaps he would have become a performer of Indian music, but everything turned upside down with Peter Frampton’s album Frampton Comes Alive, which he came across. Since that time, there have been no other instruments for him except the electric guitar. As a model for himself, he defined Pata Metini. In the capital city of Dhaka, Reza Khan founded his first band Yours Sincerely and released a very successful (locally) album.”

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EXCERPT: “In his career, Reza Khan has created his own musical world, performing music that is often easy-listening but never predictable. His guitar solos, while inspired at times by Pat Metheny, Lee Ritenour and Wes Montgomery, have their own musical personality.

On Imaginary Road, his sixth album as a leader, Khan is joined by his longtime band (pianist Matt King, bassist Mark Egan, drummer Maurizio Zottarelli and, on two selections, rhythm and Brazilian guitarist Sergio Pereira) along with welcome guest appearances from David Mann (on soprano, flute and other wind instruments), electric guitarist Miles Gilderdale (best-known for his work with Acoustic Alchemy), and Philippe Saisse on keyboards.”

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